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Guitar repair after small accident...

It's never good news when a customer tells you that his guitar has accidentally fallen, from the height of a chair, onto the bass side, and that the top has badly withstood the side impact...

But let's not forget that the most unfortunate in the story is always the owner of the guitar...!

We see it here all beautiful and new, a few months ago, and then 2 images of the damage.

Next come the photos of the restoration work. Around 8 hours for all operations.

I hesitated on the method to use to restore this young guitar, keeping as much of the existing material as possible and making a wood inlay where the top was crushed... but the result risked being unsatisfactory.

I therefore opted for a more radical method; extract the damaged binding, using a trimmer, over a sufficient length to reattach the table which had come loose during the impact, approximately 30cm. Above all, this solution allowed me to make a cedar table graft with much better accessibility.

Once the top piece was glued, I had to glue the entire loose top part back onto the sides, and then re-flush the cedar piece, then redo the grooves for the binding and the maple binding.

The rest is rebuilding, sanding, masking and finally varnishing.


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