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Electric Guitars

Manhattan #2

1/4 hollow body, electro-acoustic/electric cross-over, with a Benedetti microphone made to measure according to my recommendations, in order to be able to move it from the bridge to the fingerboard; It is also equipped with a Fishman electro system and therefore with dual stereo outputs.

Swell Buffalo

Solid body on Swell model with double cutaway - Set neck, cormier fingerboard 22 super-access frets, 

guitar made from 100% non-tropical wood, Basswood, Cormier, Maple.

Swell Equinox

The Swell guitar is one of my electric models made in a few dozen copies between 1995 and 2005.

This version is a unique piece, entrusted to the painter Nathalie Leonard for an exceptional creation that we titled  “equinoxe”, against a backdrop of magnetic resonances!


"Custom" model based on ergonomic research for seated playing comfort, in particular, and a multi-scale which results in fan fretting, also comfortable, and a microphone position below the 2nd octave.


Vaulted carbon table –

Hollow-out basswood body –

Basswood handle –

Curly maple fingerboard –

Maple bridge and tailpiece –

Benedetti P90 Pickup –

Fishman electro system –

Dual jack output –

Gloss cellulo varnish

The Red one

Hallow body 1/2 case.

Vaulted carbon table.

Basswood body.

Maple neck.

Ebony fingerboard.

2 Benedetti microphones


The Z-spruce is the spruce top version of the Z-tone, made to order for a customer, with the body and neck in mahogany, the fingerboard in ebony, it is equipped with a Benedetti microphone suspended at the end of the fingerboard and of a Fishman piezo system.