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Local wood and eco-composite

The Ouessant model was created in 2005 as a 16" Jumbo guitar in a medium format, very comfortable to play.

Designed from the start to be made from non-tropical wood, such as maple, ash, cormier, walnut, for the body, since 2016, we have developed an eco-composite based on linen fiber. We call this composite the K.L.A.S!  read more about KLAS...

The soundboards are made with a premium selection of European spruce or Canadian red cedar.

Consult the prices of the different models on the Boutik page

Specifications -

Body width 16"-9.5"-11" - Length 18.5" - Depth 4.5"

Local wood or Klas body (on demand)

Spruce or red Cedar 1rst choice sound-board

Pre-stressed spider bracing - Kopo original design

Lateral cut-away sound hole + Comfort side hole

Linden laminated neck with "ring" peg-head

Local Sorbus fretboard - 21 frets

650mm - 25.5" scale - 2.2 mm Frets

Satin gold gloss varnish on demand

Electro-acoustic system on demand

Wood and composite

Presented at the Paris international "La Belle Guitare" Show, this Ouessant features a flamed fraxinus body, a unique cedar & linen composite with a Spider bracing - Ebony fretboard and bridge, maple bindings, flamed-ash head-plate - Schertler tuning Pegs,  Nitro gloss varnish. 650 mm scale - 44 mm / 54 mm neck width.

Some unique pieces

Presented at the 2018 Holy Grail guitar Show, this is the original Klas body Ouessant, natural finish, Spruce sound board, Sorbus fretboard, bridge and bindings, Linen head-plate. Gotoh510 tuning Pegs,  satin varnish. Kopo ZF electro system

Inspired during a trip to Italy, on the way to Cremona, the Milano has a Klas body, ivory white laked, linen & Spruce sound board, Sorbus fretboard and bridge, Galalythe head-plate and bindings. Gotoh510 tuning Pegs,  Gloss varnish. Kopo ZF electro system

Ouessant L1 Milano

Willing to suggest a country contemporary style with an orange brown sunburst finish, this Ouessant has a Spruce sound board, Sorbus fretboard and bridge, maple bindings, Sorbus head-plate and pick-guard. Gotoh510 tuning Pegs,  satin varnish. Kopo ZF electro system

Inspired by the Renaissance Iconography, proposing a Gold leaf bridge and  bindings, this Ouessant offers a Red Cedar sound board, Maple fretboard and bridge (gold leaf), Walnut head-plate and bindings (gold leaf), a Galalithe pick-guard, Gotoh510 tuning Pegs,  gloss varnish. Kopo ZF electro system

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