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The Ouessant 7 strings of "M"

Matthieu Chedid bought this guitar from me in 2016, after having extensively tried the 7-string Ouessant by Richard Bonnet that I presented to him in July 2015 at the Bobital festival. Richard's is Cormier, cedar top, while M's is curly ash, spruce/carbon/cedar "double skin" top, both pre-stressed bracing, both multi-scale, 640/670mm.

Leaf gilding came later, in 2018,

at the same time as the double electrification (Bband & micro Benedetti) when the project of playing it on a future tour appeared. Several modifications then took place, installation of a Bband sensor, an extra-flat Benedetti 7-string magnet made to measure by Nicolas Mercadal, manufacturing of a carbon flange and an M for the head, and of course the complete gilding, including the fingerboard, of the guitar which was then re-varnished. Thanks to Olivier Guilbaud, gilder in Rennes, for his friendly and artistic collaboration! Thanks to Sylvain Copain, Guitar-tech de M and a few others, for his valuable advice.

And of course, a big thank you to Matthieu for his talent, his sensitivity, his guitar playing, and the trust he showed me.


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