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Dublin Nude, the series under construction and the 5 finished guitars

Starting from a block of red cedar on a quarter, which presented no external defect, but which revealed a very particular design at the heart of the block, knot, branch start, from and around which I was able to line a series of 7 soundboards. Each of the preserved figures was placed as far as possible from the easel to best preserve the sound integrity of the table, and also injected with a resin to perfectly stabilize the piece.

The rest of the guitar corresponds to my Dublin "Sorbus" model, corkwood back and sides, with the special choice of a maple fingerboard and bridge, bringing in my opinion sobriety and a form of integrity to the guitar. 'together. The handle is made of basswood as is often the case, and I made some specific features upon request, such as a left-handed model, an Ouessant type ring head, etc.

Some photos are still to come on the models which are still being finished...


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