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Ouessant L1 Copper, linen, wood... and copper!

In May 2020, CH Gougerot, after a long reflection of several years..:-), placed an order with me for a very special Ouessant!

A left-hander of course, in L1 version (shell in Klas, flax fiber), fan-shaped fretting as a result of a multi-diap à la Andy McKee (thanks Michael Greenfield), and some visual aspects which make it a truly unique piece....

A fan of copper, Charles asked me to use this material for all the decorative or functional details that allowed it, armrest, bindings, threads, key markers, logo, ... I will not dwell on the technical difficulties to work with copper, and especially to make it coexist with the different materials of this guitar!

We then entrusted the linen box to the artist Nathalie Léonard for an interpretation, even a sublimation of these two materials: copper and linen!

See the images below and this great clip that Charles gave me as a thank you for Copper #1!!


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