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The Double Basses,

Violins, Cellos

The Double Basses,

Violins, Cellos

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-The spirit of our acoustic guitars -

Acoustics and research to optimize sound qualities are the basis of design and innovations.

From the headstock to the bridge, including the vents, the principle of interlocking the neck are all components designed according to each other. The optimal goal sought is for the finished instrument to appear obvious, almost classic, despite a resolutely contemporary line.


Ouessant Milano- David Millemann

   Inspiring People  #2 - The Musician's Useful Minute-  Inspiring People  #3

Ouessant nylon 7 cdes fretless-R.Bonnet

Ouessant Talisman- Arnaud Lacarte

Sassandra signature “Samuelito”

Visit of the workshop in 3 minutes

Soïg Siberil and its Ouessant Cyclade

The artists

Matthew Chedid

Ouessant baritone 7 strings

Fan fretting

I have been going to meet Matthieu for several years to have him try a guitar, when the opportunity presents itself, and I have the pleasure of having convinced him, in 2016, for a 7-string Ouessant that you will see soon on stage, I hope!!

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