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Double bass, Violin & Celio

4C: €6,800 / 5C: €7,400

This 1/2 bass double bass is as compact as the CB4, almost a cello, but provides the acoustic sensations of an entire double bass. La Cancale has the tuning fork of a classic double bass, 1050 mm, for a smaller body volume; The splinters are 150 mm deep, the body 950 mm high by 450 mm at the widest. The soundboard is in spruce, exterior vault and sculpted interior, body in maple, neck maple, adjustable easel maple and ebony fingerboard.

Width of body 460mm - Length of 920mm - Depth of 170mm -
Diap of 1050mm - total height 1m60 -
Custom electro-acoustic system

Youtube: Demo 1st tests

CB4 / CB5
4C: €3800 / 5C: €4400

This electro-acoustic CB4 bass model has the tuning fork of a conventional double bass for a reduced body volume; The soundboard is in cedar, linden body, lime and maple handle, adjustable easel in maple and ebony fingerboard.

Body Width 420mm -
Length 900mm -
Depth of 80mm -
1050mm diameter
Available in 4 strings: €3800 or 5 strings version: €4200
Fishman Full-cycle electro system - Optional Schertler system.

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