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For more than 25 years, a few hundred guitars or basses, I have devoted my energy to research in violin making,

namely technological innovation, design, ergonomics and of course sound, electrical or acoustic.

Very modestly, and since this is what excites me the most,

I seize every opportunity brought to me by my customers,

but also on my own initiative, to propose new technical solutions and consequently new aesthetic options,

adding in recent years, an ecological problem.

My Ouessant model is in its way a synthesis of this long-term work.

The Double Basses,

Violins, Cellos

The Double Basses,

Violins, Cellos

Fred Kopo, luthier

Welcome to my website! I am as much happy to see you here than in my workshop.

Do not hesitate to visit me there too!

For 30 years now, I've been building hundreds of guitars, basses, and other strings instruments: violins, double basses, mandolins, ... 

My work is about research: I dedicate my energy finding innovative technology, design, ergonomics and of course, the best electric and acoustic sound.

I'm passionate about catching opportunities that my clients offer to me, but also create my own challenges, to be able to propose new technical and aesthetics solutions. For the past years, I've added an essential concern: the environment. How to build environmentally friendly guitars? Let's find out!

“Ushant” Guitars

Recent Posts

-The Spirit of the Ouessant -

From the head to the easel, through the vents, the principle of neck setting, peg-head, are all components designed to function together. The optimal goal is that the finite instrument appears obvious, almost classical, despite a decidedly contemporary line.


My new model “Molene”

Ouessan Osage played by David Milleman

Artists with Kopo's

soig  siberil

Oushant Cyclades


La Ouessant “Cyclade” was born from the meeting with Soïg Siberil. After trying several Ouessant, it is finally a synthesis between the Spider version and the Sorbus that seemed to suit him best; The roundness of the Sorbus with the dynamics of the spider dam on a spruce table.


Acoustic guitar


Electro Guitar


Electric Guitar

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