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Fred Kopo, luthier

For more than 25 years, a few hundred guitars or basses,

I devote my energy to violin making research,

namely technological innovation, design, ergonomics and of course sound,

electric or acoustic.

Very modestly, and since this is what excites me the most,

I seize every opportunity brought to me by my customers,

but also on my own initiative, to propose new technical solutions,

and therefore new aesthetic options,

adding in recent years, an ecological problem.

My Ouessant model is in its way a synthesis of this long-term work,

and especially my latest version,L1 in bio-composite.

Fred Kopo, luthier

Welcome to my website! I am as much happy to see you here than in my workshop.

Don't hesitate to visit me there too!

For 25 years now, I've been building hundreds of guitars, basses, and other strings instruments: violins, double basses, mandolins, ... 

My work is about research: I dedicate my energy finding innovative technology, design, ergonomics and of course, the best electric and acoustic sound.

I'm passionate about catching opportunities that my clients offer to me, but also create my own challenges, to be able to propose new technical and aesthetics solutions. For the past years, I've added an essential concern: the environment. How to build environmentally friendly guitars? Let's find out!


I'll be attending the Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase- US



Among several acoustic models, theUshant is in its way a synthesis of my technical researches.

I have experienced for more than 10 years the use of non-tropical wood, European species worthy of aesthetic, mechanical and acoustic interest, and most recently a version in bio-composites: The Ouessant L1.

The search for better understanding and improvement of the acoustic behavior of the guitars excites me - thanks to the help of acoustic researchers, we now have access to measurement tools to characterize the sound of a guitar -

we can more easily do the link between the technical choices of manufacturing, design and architecture, wood, thickness, dams, tuning fork, strings ... and the sound result, the timbre, the voice of the instrument once it is played.


I have created dozens of electro guitars, hybrid between a classical guitar and an electric one, usually equipped within an electro-acoustic system, and for steel strings models, one or more magnetic pickups are added.

Do not hesitate to express your desires in this field, where the possibilities are great...!



The electric guitar, with it solid-body, is also a vast area of expression for a luthier - the choice of pickups, tuning fork, type of assembly, wood, electronics, etc.

So many elements that constitute the sound palette of the instrument!



Acoustic bass is a world apart - With frets, it's a bass guitar. Fretless, it's between the guitar and the double bass - I built a few dozen in almost 30 years, always with great interest - Acoustic constraints are the same as for the guitar, privileging the low frequencies of course!



The semi-acoustic, electro or hybrid bass is an exciting instrument, thanks to the great freedom of choice it leaves to the musician as to the luthier - Many options are possible, let's talk about it!



Fretted, fretless, semi-fretted even, 4,5,6 strings and more, the electric bass is an instrument always evolving. Many formulas are possible, scale, assembly of wood, microphones, ..., the sound palette is very wide.

Double bass

I offer several versions of electric double bass, from the body hollow 1/2 box to the full body model small format, equipped with one or more sensors according to your need, 4 or 5 strings.

Do not hesitate to ask!



At the beginning of the '80s, I began the violin making process by an apprenticeship with a luthier of the quartet. I therefore always have a great pleasure to study custom-made projects of violin or electric cello,  ...
Here are some examples.

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