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L1 Cyclade
The model and various forms

-The Spirit of the Ouessant -

From the head to the easel, through the vents, the principle of locking the handle are all components designed to function one from the other.

The optimal goal is that the finite instrument appears obvious, almost classical, despite a decidedly contemporary line.

Local Wood

Why flax? The use of composites in guitar making goes back a long time, but I wanted to get out of overusing carbon due to its numerous ecological drawbacks. Flax makes for a great alternative, it’s natural, welcoming and the same mechanical results can be achieved as with carbon, at least for a guitar!


Technology – Based on the Ouessant guitar concept, the body is laminated with bio-composites, flax fiber and resin selected for it’s mechanical performance.The position of the soundhole is an evolution that came about naturally to allow greater sound board flexibility. The spider bracing is innovative with it’s pre-stressed harmonic bars.

Various forms of the model Ouessant

2010 - 2015
Ushant 2
Ouessant in situ
Spider #2
Spider #1
2016 - 2018
L1 - 7 Strings
L1 Talisman
7 string baritone
Ouessant L1

Youtube: Soïg Siberil demo

L1 Flax Flower
L1 Cyclades
Ouessant Osage
The model

Molène is my new model of acoustic guitar strings steel.

The principle is for me to propose a model of traditional appearance, which brings together the evolutions and innovations that I developed on my model Ouessant for several years.

Efficiency and Ecology

The eco-composite body in particular, shell molded in linen fiber and resin "green-epoxy", whose very rounded shape of the bottom and contours brings both a great ergonomic comfort, and a very interesting acoustic reproduction.


The linen fabric is transformed in Normandy, produced locally near the Lineo company, which is extremely satisfactory in terms of ecological impact.

The density, the weight of the hull that we stratified, is established in order to get closer to the mechanical behavior of the wood, but providing more resistance to shocks as to temperature and hygrometry variations.


Parlor guitar type 00, in the great tradition of small jumbo models, handle 12 cases, very powerful and stamped for the blues.

Composed table Spruce / cedar. Bottom and sides in cypress. Handle in linden and cedar. Touch 21 squares & easel in Macassar. Event on table and background. Schaller Mechanics - Diap: 650 mm - Frets 2 mm

Caravan & other designs
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