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Quark deluxe
3600 €

Solid body -
Body in mahogany -
Top in maple -
Neck in mahogany -
Ebony plated head -
Ebony fingerboard -
Microphones Benedetti -
Electronic bridge system -
2 separate jacks -
Diap 640mm key 22 frets

Quark deluxe

Solid body type "Gibsonian" with a set neck, ebony fingerboard 22 super-access frets, dual output jacks, separate piezo bridge and magnetic pickups, for stereo use, or a single output for mixing the two sources.

Manhattan 2 3
4500 €

1/4 body-
Linen body -
Manhattan Original: Spruce top
Manhattan 2 and 3: Speckled Maple
Neck in linden -
Maple binding table edge
Plated brass nickel plated head -
Ebony fingerboard -
Micro Benedetti -
Fishman Electro System -
Diap 640mm key 22 frets


1/4 of hollow body with a Benedetti microphone custom-made according to my recommendations, so that it can be moved from the bridge to the key; It is of course also equipped with an electro Fishman system with dual stereo outputs.

4800 €

Carbon fibre sound board – Basswood hollow body.

Basswood adjustable neck – Maple fingerboard –

Maple bridge and tailpiece – Benedetti P90 Pickup –

Fishman electro system –

Dual output –

Gloss celulosic varnish


The Z-spruce is the Z-tone spruce top version, custom made for a customer, with mahogany body and neck, ebony fingerboard, it is equipped with a Benedetti microphone suspended at the touch of a button and Of a Fishman piezo system.

La Rouge

Hollow body 1/2 case.
Vaulted table in carbon.
Body in linden.
Maple neck.
Ebony fingerboard.
2 Benedetti pickups

3200 €

Maple top -

Mahogany body and neck 22-piece ebony fingerboard
- Ebony plated ring head
- Vibrato & Mechanics Duesenberg - Microphones Benedetti
- Toggle toogle 3 position -
2 dual body potentiometers, vol., Ton., Single to double blend per microphone.
Diap: 640 mm - Frets 2 mm -
Weight 2.6 kg


Lightweight and dynamic, the semi-hollow body with central beam provides a warm and precise sound, depending on the position chosen between single and double coils of each Benedetti microphone.

Swell Equinox
3200 €

Basswood body -
Neck in mahogany -
Ebony fingerboard -
Micros Di Marzio "Evolution" and
Diap: 629 mm

Swell Equinox

The Swell guitar is one of my electric models manufactured to a few dozen copies between 1995 and 2005.
This version is a unique piece, entrusted to the artist painter Nathalie Léonard for an exceptional creation that we have titled "equinoxe", against a background of magnetic resonances!

2800 €

Body in mahogany -
Top Wavy Maple -
Neck in mahogany -
Ebony fingerboard 24 frets -
Duesenberg Microphones
P90 + PAF splitable
Toggle + Flight (push-pull split) + Tone
Diap: 650 mm
Cellulo gloss varnish


This model called Lester,
Homage to the Les Paul,
In a luxury version, but nevertheless its simpliest and most essential form.
Key 2 octaves,
Micro splitter splitter
Jack output on the rear

3900 €

Body in mahogany -
Neck in mahogany -
Rosewood fingerboard 19 squares -
Benedetti Microphones
Toggle + Flight + Ton
Diap: 570/590 mm
Metallic olive green lacquer
Cellulo gloss varnish


The "custom" model is based on an ergonomic search for seating comfort, and a multi-tuning fork that comes out on a fan-shaped hoop, also comfortable, and a microphone position under the 2nd octave.

3500 €

Barneke is one of my first guitars produced in 1989, spruce top, maple carved, maple neck and ebony fingerboard, Schaller microphone, volume and tone.

Guitar restored and re-varnished cellulo in 2014 - 2 drilling carried out by an unscrupulous owner have been refouched by pieces of spruce, on the table, near the potentiometers.

Other Designs
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