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Banjo electrique
Mad Banjo

This model of Banjo was designed to be played loudly, at the request of a musician performing on big scenes, without risking feedback, or catching  other instruments' sound, as it happens with an acoustic banjo.
For this, I imagined a "skin" made of carbon, suspended on a soft material to reproduce the damping of a real skin; Equipped with an Ischell sensor, it produces a sound very close to the acoustics, lined with an electric sound by its micro type Tele.
Mahogany body - Composite skin / membrane
Width of body 360mm - Thickness 40mm-
Electro Ischell System
Micro magnetic type Telecaster
Separate outputs and volumes

2600 €

Neck 12 inlays -
Cedar top
Fan brace
Back and sides in walnut-
Fingerboard 20 inlays in cormier
Easel in cormier -
Bindings cormier
Diap 600 mm -
Enclavement 17th inlays


Created for the musician Jean-Luc Priano, this Cuatro takes the dimensions and principles of its Venezuelan cousin, with a contemporary design based on a mini-ouessant.

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